Linagliptin API Supplier


Linagliptin is a leading anti-diabetic drug to treat type-II diabetes. The drug functions by inhibiting the enzyme dipeptidase-IV. Unlike other anti-diabetes drugs, Linagliptin is particularly potent and well-tolerated by patients because it is based on the xanthine scaffold, a clinically proven chemical backbone present in many natural products and pharmaceutical drugs. 


Bakul Pharma Private Limited is the largest manufacturer of Linaglitpin API and Linagliptin intermediates in the world. The products are manufactured right from the basic stage in WHO-GMP approved facilites of the Bakul Group located across India.


Bakul Group has over 40 years of experience making Xanthine derivates and so is the only manufacturer in the world to make Linagliptin from a very early chemical stage, enabling total control of product quality and supply timelines.


Please contact the Bakul Group for all your Linagliptin needs, If you are looking to buy high quality Linagliptin API and/or Linagliptin intermediates at cost-effective prices for R&D / commercial scale.


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Corporate Headquaters 

Sterling Centre

Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli

Mumbai 400 018, India



Phone: +91-22-61697900